Links To Route 66 Friends Who Are Artists, Bloggers, Film Makers, Photographers & Writers

American Prairie - Future PBS weekly half hour TV show featuring the people, places, and events of America and Route 66. David J. Schwartz (Pics On Route 66) is the associate producer.

Clouded Lens Photography - Rhys Martin's Photography & Travel Blog. Rhys is a photographer and road-tripper based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  I capture what I see and write about my experiences on the Mother Road and beyond.

Genuine Route 66 Life - is a celebration of people from around the world that share the same love for Route 66 and American nostalgia. These "American Stories From The Route" include writers, artists, innkeepers, restaurant and gift shop owners and perhaps most importantly the travelers from all over the world that keep the route alive. We hope you enjoy this modest self-funded project produced by KC Keefer, co-producer Nancy Barlow.

Jim Hinckley’s America - The official blog and website for author Jim Hinckley. Your passport to adventure on Route 66 and the backroads of America.

Mother Road Postcards & More - Mike Ward's curated collection of postcards, match covers, brochures, menus and maps,  relating to Route 66, with contributions from other Route 66 collectors.

Never Quite Lost - Blue Miller’s adventures down the road less traveled. Never Quite Lost hunts down stories that have been forgotten.

Route 66 Chick - A look at Route 66 events, history, and travel, especially in Illinois and Missouri, with author/historian Cheryl Eichar Jett.

Route 66 Cookbooks - Marian Clark is the author of 3 cookbooks dedicated to Route 66. The Route 66 Cookbook, The Main Street of America Cookbook &  Hogs on 66 with Michael Wallis.

Route 66 Experience - Frank and Lynne Kocevar's website about Route 66. Chocked full of history, photos, and links.  A great trip planning resource.

Route 66 Information Station - With promoting, educating, and preserving Route 66 in mind, this website showcases tips for traveling, facts about the Route, photos of places along the road, and the ability to purchase a souvenirs from Angie's own photography and graphic creations. Angie is also a speaker regarding traveling Route 66.

ROUTE Magazine - a high quality, bi-monthly magazine that celebrates road travel, vintage Americana and iconic Route 66. David J. Schwartz (Pics On Route 66) is the lead editorial photographer for this fine publication.

Route 66 West to East is and extensive collection of free stock images of Route 66 that strives to show you everything the road has to offer.

Writing and Wandering - a blog that features road trips and photos along Route 66 and elsewhere from writer and photographer Kim Ulmanis. Other features may include favorite places to eat, adventures off the beaten path or favorite neon signs.