"Lobby" - Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari

"Lobby" - Blue Swallow Motel - Tucumcari

Accommodations are presented in an East to West fashion.
Please note: This list stands only as a resource and offers no guarantees.  Please do your homework before staying in a historic property. We suggest the "request to see the room before paying method," which has served us well over the years of vintage travel.

One of the many great features of Route 66 is the plethora of fantastic vintage, mom and pop accommodations. Their owners are all as unique as the road that leads you to them. Many of them are characters, and are warm and inviting, with great stories to tell. Make sure you take a moment to shake hands with these folks and say thank you for keeping the dream alive!
— David Schwartz


Braidwood IL
Braidwood Motel

 A hidden gem is a description that beads many of the guest reviews of the Braidwood Motel on TripAdvisor. The family-run roadside motel provides basic, yet clean and safe accommodation for Route 66 travellers. And while the Braidwood Motel does not serve any fare, it provides easy access to diners and restaurants along Route 66. Just a short walk away is the iconic Polka-Dot- Drive-Inn.  A tourist’s bliss, the motel’s location may, however, turn out to be a light sleeper’s curse. Trains frequently chug along nearby tracks, however, only the lightest of sleepers should be disturbed. With unbeatable rates and laid-back hospitality, Braidwood Motel allows for an easy start on Route 66. 
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 120 N Washington Street
Phone: (815) 458-2321

Carlin Villa Motel

Carlinville IL       


Carlin-Villa Motel

Time has been quite merciful to this one-story, 33-room motel, which has preserved its passé style with grace. Guests can cozy up next to a round brick fireplace in the tiny lobby, where CarlinVilla’s dated charm surges, or enjoy a splash in the outdoor swimming pool. With historic downtown Carlinville a stone’s throw away, CarlinVilla delivers a warm welcome into the local community and its legacy on the Mother Road. Located on 1926-1930 Route 66, now Illinois 4.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 18891 Route 4 South
Phone: 217-854-3201

Cuba MO           


Wheel Motel

The longest operating Route 66 motel, which saw four owners come and go, the stone-and-mortar Wagon Wheel Motel has withstood the whim of time and preserved its olden Tudor-style appeal. Started off as a court of cabins, a café, a gas station and garages, the motel has recently been refurbished to provide modern comfort in a historic setting. Yet, just a single twist of a glass knob mounted on an original wooden door, is enough to set guests back to the years when tourism along Route 66 peaked. Keep that check-in card – its design has not changed since 1935, when the motel opened. 
-Brennen Matthews

I absolutely love the common spaces for hanging out!.  There is even a fire pit!  Crack open your favorite beverage and share a story or two with some new roadie friends!  
-David Schwartz  

Address: 901 East Washington St.Z
Phone: 573-885-3411

It's 1957 All Over Again

Lebanon MO


Munger Moss Motel


Built in 1946, the Munger Moss Motel is one of the few still operating mom-and-pop motels along the route. Yet, the lodgings did not always provide a “home away from home” right off of Route 66. When the road first opened, it bypassed the Munger Moss. However, its then owners, the Hudsons came up with the perfect fix – a makeshift bridge that led highway travelers to their property. Since 1971, the motel has flourished under the hospitable management of Bob and Ramona Lehman, who have decorated each room to evoke the 1950s. The motel’s original neon sign, polished off to its one-time halo, still shines guests a flashy welcome.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 1336 Route 66
Phone: (417) 532-3111


Springfield MO
Rail Haven

What began in 1938 with eight sandstone cottages in an apple orchard is today the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven, which pays homage to the Mother Road, America’s car culture and larger-than-life entertainment icons. Although the hotel has undergone modern renovation, it has certainly retained its old-fashioned sentimentality, with its 1950s diner-themed lobby and period suites, each dedicated to celebrities in the ranks of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe. Ever popular with motorists, women and children, Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven marries its romantic past to modern-day pamper to provide a top-rated accommodation along Route 66. 
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 203 S Glenstone Avenue, Springfield, Phone: (417) 866-1963

Pair of Chairs at The Boots Court

Carthage MO
Boots Court

An authentic streamline moderne motel that flashes you back  as if you were traveling Route 66 or Route 71 in the 1940s, when these highways were in their heyday. The Boots was at the “Crossroads of America” at the junction of Route 66, from Chicago to LA, and Route 71 going from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico.
-Brennen Matthews

Address:107 S. Garrison Ave.
Phone: 417-310-2989


Baxter Springs KS
Baxter Inn-4-Less

Just as its name suggests, Baxter Inn-4-Less is a steal on Route 66. With rates under $50 a night for a single-bed room, it provides for a quiet rest. Spacious and neat, it blends modern amenities into the historic character of Baxter Springs. Comfortable beds and delectable breakfast, Baxter Inn-4-Less lets Mother Road travelers easily and cheaply recharge for their next kicks on Route 66.
-Brennen Matthews


Address: 2451 Military Avenue
Phone: (620) 845 – 2106


Chelsea OK
Chelsea Motor Inn 

With less than 10 rooms, Chelsea Motor Inn is a tiny motel. Yet, it brims with character and hospitality. Featuring several themed rooms – Route 66 and Native America shaping two – Chelsea Motor Inn with its modern amenities and retro feel is, perhaps, one of the most exalted lodgings along the Mother Road. And that is no surprise given that its owners of more than a decade, Frank and Trudy treat guests as family.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 325 E. Layton Street
Phone: (918) 789-3437

Desert Hills Motel

Tulsa OK


Desert Hills Motel

Opened in 1953, the Desert Hill Motel is a rare hospitality gem on The Mother Road. Recently remodeled, its 50 rooms are lined diagonally – a setting that is unusual, but allows for spacious units. Its modern-day amenities aside, the motel’s best feature could easily be its always warm bathroom floor – no cold feet after the shower. Having appeared in two films –  2003’s The Christmas Child and 2015’s Return to Sender – the Desert Hills Motel welcomes its guests with a large neon green cactus. It is Oklahoma all around.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 5220 E 11th Street
Phone: (918) 834-3311


Tulsa OK
The Campbell Hotel

The Campbell is an upscale boutique hotel – a rare find on Route 66. Its 26 luxurious rooms span different themes, from The Mother Road to art deco. More than a good night rest, the hotel offers the envious opportunity to forget any roadtrip discomfort. Head for its spa to enjoy rejuvenating beauty therapies and relaxing massages or perk up at the Campbell Lounge bar, a cool drink in hand. At the Campbell, modern truly meets vintage – and the encounter makes for some pamper.
-Brennen Matthews


Address: 2636 E 11th Street
Phone: (918) 744-5500

The Skyliner Motel Sign

Stroud OK
Skyliner Motel

The Skyliner Motel offers 10 retro rooms arranged in an old-style court. While the lodging is not different from the usual vintage accommodations that bead Route 66, the motel’s neon sign is a sight to behold. Towering over the premises, the giant red-arrow is among the oldest original neon signs on the Mother Road. Visible even from Interstate-44, it beguiles travelers to call it a day and rest in the Skyliner.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 717 W Main Street
Phone: (918) 968-9556

Shamrock TX
The Route 66 Inn

The Route 66 Inn is a modest yet comfortable budget motel. Stripped down to the most essential yet modern amenities – complementary wi-fi and a barbecue included – the rooms are uncharacteristically large for a roadside lodge. Just minutes away from some of Shamrock’s noted attractions and diners, the Route 66 Inn provides a hassle-free stay for 66 voyagers as well as their pets, from horses to fish.
-Brennen Matthews

Address:  800 E 12th Street
Phone: (806) 256-3225

The Big Texan Steak Ranch

Amarillo TX
Big Texan Motel

True Texan hospitality lives here. Boasting 54 rooms, the Big Texan Motel delights with its 21st-century comfort, amiable personnel and easy access to the famed Big Texan Steak Ranch. It couples modern amenities with an undeniably 1800s’ vibe that begins with its façade. From outside, with a décor that emulates the fronts of old-day Western businesses, the Big Texan looks like the quaint, charming Texas of yore. It might be retro in feel, but the motel knows how to perk it up – from a limousine pick-up ride to a Texas-shaped outdoor pool.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 7701 I-40 Access Road
Phone: (806) 372-5000


McLean TX
Cactus Inn

Built in the late 1950s, the Cactus Inn is as famous for its giant cactus sign as it is for its low-key convenience. At its low fare, guests can enjoy spacious accommodations that quote the roaring years of the last century. Here, the amenities might be curtailed to the bare minimum – although each room has a microwave and a TV. Yet, a stone’s throw away from the main sights, smells and tastes of McLean, the Cactus Inn is a quiet place to pull off 66 and venture into town. 
-Brennen Matthews  

Address: 101 N Pine Street
Phone: (806) 779-2346


Vega TX
Bonanza Motel

In the midst of a slow room-by-room upgrade, the Bonanza Motel is a true Route 66 bonanza. Or, at least, so it is for the budget-conscious traveler. Sitting some distance off the hectic interstate and right onto the old Mother Road, the motel provides a serene stay, awash with nostalgia. Foreign-owned, the venue boast an enticing amalgam of cultures and customs. So, come open-minded and ready to plunge into the odd unknown. It is a little surprise this motel huddles on Route 66.
-Brennen Matthews

Address: 607 Vega Boulevard
Phone: (806) 267-2158 

New Mexico

Pontiac at The Blue Swallow Motel

Tucumcari NM
Blue Swallow Motel

The Blue Swallow has been serving travelers along Route 66 since 1939, it's a true gem of of the old highway. The rooms are extremely clean and the motel owners, Kevin and Nancy, take great pride in preserving this classic! They are most gracious hosts that do everthing in their power to make sure you are enjoying your stay!
-David Schwartz

 815 E. Route 66
Phone: (575) 461-9849


Tucumcari NM
Roadrunner Lodge

The Roadrunner Lodge has rebuilt a lost piece of classic Americana and provides a comfortable and memorable experience for travelers staying in Tucumcari.  Come visit Roadrunner Lodge and enjoy an experience unlike any other. Premium bedding, plush bathroom accessories, and fast and free wifi await your arrival. 

1023 East Route 66 Boulevard
(575) 282-7866

Motel Safari By Day

Tucumcari NM
Motel Safari

This 1959 Vintage motor hotel features Modern Amenities, Squeaky Clean Rooms and the Best Beds on the Mother Road. The owners Richard and Gayle are friendly and accommodating. In fact, they walked out with me to introduce me to my room and make sure I was satisfied.
The rooms have been restored to 1959, new carpet fresh walls, all the same furniture rehabilitated, with the exception of the bed, which is cozy and soft.  You'll even find  a Crosley Classic CD player, mine was playing songs about Tucumcari NM when I arrived. The Safari has a great patio out under the huge classic sign, where you can hang out and chat with other Route 66 travelers about the glories of the day!
-David Schwartz

722 East Route 66

Lobby of The El Rancho Hotel Gallup New Mexico

Gallup NM
El Rancho Hotel

During its glory years, the El Rancho was the definition of luxury and included many amenities that were lacking in other typical tourist hotels of the day. For 50 years, the El Rancho Hotel greeted guests along Route 66 with class and dignity…Luckily for us, this one-of-a-kind hotel once again greets guests with open arms and enjoys the renewed worldwide interest in Route 66 and its landmarks.”

1000 East Highway 66
(505) 863-9311

Wigwam Village #6

Holbrook AZ
Wigwam Motel #6

Village #6 of 8 developed by Frank A. Redford. Still in the hands of the original owners The Lewis family. Fantastic photo ops with the vintage car collection that is parked around this historic property. If you haven't slept in a wigwam, don't you think it's time?
-David Schwartz

811 West Hopi Dr.
(928) 524 3048


Holbrook AZ
Globetrotter Lodge

10 cozy rooms with artistically original handmade sinks and handmade furniture.  Each room is uniquely different and individually decorated. The continental breakfast is one of the best on Route 66 and the owners are most accommodating.   Take a dip in their beautiful pool and relax after a fun day of traveling in the Arizona heat!
-David Schwartz

902 West Hopi Dr.

Supai Motel at Dusk

Seligman AZ
Supai Motel

A vintage motel with a well taken care of classic neon sign.  The rooms are basic but clean and comfortable. Lay your head down at night and wake up in the morning to the Route 66 wonders of Seligman Arizona.
-David Schwartz

22450 Old Highway 66
(928) 422-4153

Hill Top Motel At Dusk

Kingman AZ
Hill Top Motel

Featuring a classic mid-century modern neon sign and a panoramic view of the Hualapai Mountains. There is even a cactus garden.  The motel was featured in the  Arizona Highways magazine as one of the top 22 Retro places in Arizona.  The rooms are clean and retro. Owners Dennis and Herbetta are friendly and accommodating.
-David Schwartz

1901 E Andy Devine Ave
(928) 753-2198


Topock AZ
66 Resort & Spa

While not a historic stay on the mother road, Topock 66 great place to relax in a resort style atmosphere before you head into the Mojave Desert in California, after Needles California you won't find lodging for about another 150 miles on Route 66, so you're best to stop here for the night before heading off into the desert!
-David Schwartz

14999 Historic Route 66
(928) 768-2325

The Chief of Wigwam Village #7

San Bernardino CA
Wigwam Motel #7

Big Cheif says "Have always wanted to Sleep In a Wigwam or Do It In A Teepee ,this is your place!"  Wigwam Village #7 was the last of the Frank A. Redford Wigwam Motels.  Set in beautiful sunny California with well manicured grass, beautiful palm trees, crystal clean pool and fun owner. The Wigwam Motel will be a most memorable stay on the Mother Road.
-David Schwartz

2728 West Foothill Blvd
(909) 875-3005

Image 11.jpeg

Pasadena CA
Saga Motor Hotel

A motor hotel on Route 66 in Pasadena with timeless appeal with modern amenities. 

1633 East Colorado Blvd.
(626) 795-0431